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    al-Sittaat maa ya°rifaush yakdibau! / [Videorecording] / direction. °Abd al-Jawwaad, Naur al-Dain Muohammad, ; writing. Khayrai, Badai°, ; cast. Shaadiyah,. - al-Duqqai [Cairo] : : al-Subkai Vaidiyau Failm,, [1983?]. - 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 100 min.) : + 1/2 in. - ^aAghaanai oHusayn al-Sayyid, Ibraahaim Rajab ; alohaan Maohmaud al-Sharaif, Munair Muraad, Aohmad oSabrah ; mudair al-taoswair Muohammad °Abd al-°Aozaim ; muhandis al-osawt Saamai Mubaarak, °Alai Fahmai. - In Arabic. - (no price).
Originally released by Sharikat al-Sharq li-Tawzai° al-Aflaam, al-Qaahirah in ca. 1954. Partially viewed. Sources used: videocassette container.
Abstract: The story of loving couple, but the husband is suffering from the bad behavior of his wife. His wife is very manipulative and tends to tell him lies. He ends up leaving his wife out of frustration and travels to Paris. His wife telegrames him and tells him she is pregnant with twins and asks him to return to see them. He comes to see his childeren, but discoveres his wife has lied to him and even tells him she rented the babies to another family. Eventually, he discoveres she really is pregnant and through his love for her decides to take her back and and try to make the marriage work.

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°Abd al-Jawwaad, Naur al-Dain Muohammad, \direction.\; Khayrai, Badai°, (1893-1966,) \writing.\; Shaadiyah, \cast.\; LC Purchase Collection (Library of Congress)
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