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    Akateeminen Laulu 1953-1978 : [Text] : ylioppilaskunnan sekakuoro / / Juntto, Timo. - [Helsinki] : : [Akateeminen laulu],, 1978. - 143 p. : : il + 20 x 21 cm. - Bibliography: p. 143. - ISBN 9519493654: (no price).
Seoderblom, U. Amateoeorikuorot kehittyveassea musiikkieleameasseamme.--Almila, A. Sekakuoro instrumenttina.--Norio, R. Hyvea tai huono kuoro?--Sovijearvi, A. Kuorolaisen yksileollisen eaeanifysiologian perusteita.--Laukkanen, E. Kuoroharrastus ja kulttuuripolitiikka.--Putkonen, T., Willamo, A. Akateemisen Laulun perustaminen ja alkuvaiheet.--Juntto, T. Akateemisen Laulun johtajankaudet 1953-78.--Aaltio, R., Oksanen, J. Laulujen lunnaat.--Kyti, R. Gaudeamus!--Setealea, M. Rakas 25-vuotias ysteaveani Akateeminen Laulu.

Additional access points:
Juntto, Timo.; Akateeminen Laulu.
(No free copies)
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    The Finns in North America; [Text]. a social symposium. / ed. Jalkanen, Ralph J.,. - Hancock, Mich., : Published by Michigan State University Press for Suomi College,, 1969. - x, 224 p. + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographical references. - ISBN 0870131370: (no price).
Essays published in recognition of the 75th anniversary of Suomi College. "Translations of almost all the Finnish essays, as well as ... Sebeok's article which appeared originally in Finnish, are by the editor."
The riddle of Finnish origins, by A. J. Joki.--Toward independence; a survey of the history of Finland to 1920, by E. Jutikkala.--Materials for the study of the Kalevala, by F. P. Magoun, Jr.--The Kalevala and Finnish culture, by L. Honko.--The background of Finnish emigration, by R. Kero.--A survey of the emigration from Finland to the United States and Canada, by T. Aaltio.--Finnish-language newspapers in the United States, by D. T. Halkola.--Suomi College and Seminary, by A. Stadius.--The music of Finland, by R. E. Hillila.--Sibelius in the American orchestral repertory, by P. Sjeoblom.--The study of Finnish in the United States, by T. A. Sebeok.--Finnish theology on the American scence, by T. A. Kantonen.--The Suomi Synod in perspective; an indigenous institution, by D. J. Ollila, Jr.--The social problems of the Finns in America, by C. E. Waisanen.--The possibilities for preserving a particular ethnic heritage, by R. J. Jalkanen.
Рубрики: Finnish Americans.


Additional access points:
Jalkanen, Ralph J., \ed.\; Suomi College.
(No free copies)
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