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    Bijutsu Bunka Kyaokai dai 37-kai ten gashau. [Text] / Bijutsu Banka Kyokai. [from old catalog], Tokyo-to Bijutsukan. [from old catalog], aOsaka Shiritsu Bijutsukan. [from old catalog], Aachi-ken Bijutsukan. [from old catalog]. - [S. l. : s. n.], 1977. - ca. 150 p. : il + 21 x 21 cm. - (no price).
Рубрики: Painting, Japanese, 20th century

Additional access points:
Bijutsu Banka Kyokai. [from old catalog]; Tokyo-to Bijutsukan. [from old catalog]; aOsaka Shiritsu Bijutsukan. [from old catalog]; Aachi-ken Bijutsukan. [from old catalog]
(No free copies)
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    aAchim L. Andraas emlaekkeonyv; [Text]. 1871-1971. / ed.: Peoleoskei, Ferenc, [from old catalog], Szabao, Ferenc,. - Baekaescsaba, : Vaarosi Tanaacs,, 1972. - p. cm. - (no price).

Additional access points:
Peoleoskei, Ferenc, [from old catalog] \ed.\; Szabao, Ferenc, (a Baekaes Megyei Levaeltaar igazgataoja, [from old catalog]) \ed.\; aAchim, L. Andraas,
(No free copies)
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