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    Geological Society of America.
    Petrologic studies; [Text]. a volume in honor of A.F. Buddington. / ed. (Albert Edward John), Engel, A. E. J. - [New York?] : [s. n.], 1962. - xi, 660 p. : il, карты, портр + 25 cm. - Includes bibliographies. - (no price).
An appreciation, by H.H. Hess.--Iron-magnesium ratio in associated pyroxenes and olivines, by P. Bartholmae.--Pyroxenes and garnets from charnockites and associated granulites, by A.P. Subramaniam.--Progressive metamorphism and amphibolite, northwest Adirondack Mountains, New York,--by A.E.J. Engel and C.G. Engel.--Carbonatite problem in the Bearpaw Mountains, Montana, by W.T. Pecora.--Isotopic composition and concentration of lead in some carbonate rocks, by J.M. Wampler and J.L. Kulp.--Lead-isotope studies in the northern Rockies, U.S.A., by R.S. Cannon, Jr., and others.--Tectonic-igneous sequence in Costa Rica, by G. Dengo.--Petrology of the Allard Lake anorthosite suite, Quebec, by R.B. Hargraves.--Origin and diagenetic alteration of the lower part of the John Day Formation near Mitchell, Oregon, by R.L. Hay.--Oxygen isotope fractionation in metamorphosed iron formations of the Lake Superior region and in other iron-rich rocks, by H.L. James and R.N. Clayton.--Lead-isotope and potassium-argon studies in the East Kootenay district of British Columbia, by G.B. Leech and R.K. Wanless.--Origin of slaty and fracture cleavage in the Delaware Water Gap area, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, by J.C. Maxwell.--Faults and folds across Cordilleran trends at the headwaters of Leduc River, northern British Columbia, by G.W.H. Norman.--Diatremes and uranium deposits in the Hopi Buttes, Arizona, by E.M. Shoemaker, C.H. Roach, and F.M. Byers, Jr.--Calderas and associated volcanic rocks near Beatty, Nye County, Nevada, by H.R. Cornwall.--Hypogene zoning and ore genesis, Central City districts, Colorado, by P.K. Sims and P.B. Barton, Jr.--Sulphur Bank, California, a major hot-spring quicksilver deposit, by D.E. White and C.E. Roberson.--Effect of ionic substitution on the unit-cell dimensions of synthetic diopside, by L.C. Coleman.--Model for the evolution of the earth's atmosphere, by H.D. Holland.--Laramide comagmatic series in the Colorado Front Range: the feldspars, by G. Phair and F.G. Fisher.--Members of the ludwigite-vonsenite series and their distinction from ilvaite, by B.F. Leonard, F.A. Hildebrand, and A.C. Vlisidis.--Stratigraphic interpretation of age measurements in Southern Africa, by L.O. Nicolaysen.--History of ocean basins, by H.H. Hess.
Рубрики: Petrology.
   Mines and mineral resources.

   Geology, Structural.

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Engel, A. E. J., (Albert Edward John), (1916-) \ed.\; Buddington, A. F.
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