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    Catalogue gaenaeral des manuscrits des bibliothaeques publiques de France. [Text] : каталог / Robert, Ulysse, ; France., Ministaere de l'instruction publique., France., Ministaere de l'aeducation nationale., Direction des bibliothaeques de France., France., Direction du livre., France., Direction du livre et de la lecture. - Paris, : Plon, Nourrit & cie,, 1885-<1984 >. - p. + 24-25 cm. - (no price).
Beginning with v. 52 section title "Daepartements" wanting. Vols. 1-43 under the general editorship of Ulysse Robert. At head of title, v. 1-47: Ministaere de l'instruction publique et des beaux-arts; v. 48- : Ministaere de l'aeducation nationale; v. 52 -59: Direction des bibliothaeques de France; v. 58bis, 60-61: Ministaere de la culture, Direction du livre; v. 62-63 : Ministaere de la culture et de la communication, Direction du livre et de la lecture. Vols. 52 -60 published by Bibliothaeque nationale; v. 58bis, 61-63 by Editions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique. Continues: Catalogue gaenaeral des manuscrits des bibliothaeques publiques des daepartements. 1849-1885. 7 v. Includes indexes. Beginning with v. 43 each volume has a cumulative index of towns inventoried. For contents use cumulative index in latest volume issued.
Рубрики: Manuscripts--Union lists.--France

Additional access points:
Robert, Ulysse, (1845-1903.); France. Ministaere de l'instruction publique.France. Ministaere de l'aeducation nationale.; Direction des bibliothaeques de France.; France. Direction du livre.; France. Direction du livre et de la lecture.
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    Flora of Ecuador / [Text] : библиография / Harling, Gunnar., Sparre, Benkt. - [Geoteborg, Sweden] : : 1973- ; Stockholm :, S. a. - v. <1-70, 85 > : p. : il, карты + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - ISBN 9154601975 (n o. 5). - ISBN 9789185529162 (no. 85): (no price).
Nos. 1-48: Cover title. Nos. 1-4 have title: Opera botanica. Ser. B. Flora of Ecuador. Nos. 25-70 edited by Gunnar Harling and Lennart Andersson ; no. 85- edited by Gunnar Harling and Claes Persson. Nos. 49-63 distributed by Council for Nordic Publications in Botany, Copenhagen. Nos. 64-70 distributed by Botanical Institute, Geoteborg University. Geoteborg, Sweden. No. 85 distributed by Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Geoteborg University, Geoteborg, Sweden. "ISSN 0347-8742"--No. 85, p. 4 cover.
Рубрики: Plants--Ecuador

Additional access points:
Harling, Gunnar.; Sparre, Benkt.
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