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Шифр: A523652 (Magazine)
Ancient Near Eastern studies : [Текст] : an annual published by the School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology, University of Melbourne./ University of Melbourne., School of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology. - Louvain : : Peeters Press,, [2000- - . - v. : c. : a-il +25 cm. - Editor: Antonio Sagona, <2012- >. - Published annually
To [2000-Mr. see: Abr-Nahrain
. - A serial publication has application: Ancient Near Eastern studies. Supplement
Ed. : Sagona, A. G.,. - ISSN 1378-4641

Semitic philology
Civilisation saemitique
Philologie saemitique
Civilization, Semitic.
Semitic philology.
Civilization, Semitic
Moyen-Orient -- Histoire, Jusqu'aa 622
Middle East.
Middle East -- History, To 622

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Шифр: B206317 (Magazine)
Boston. [Текст]. - Hawthorn, Vic. ; ; Oakland, CA : : Lonely Planet,, 2000- - . - v. : c. +19 cm. - Editor: K. Grant. - Includes index. - At head of title: Lonely Planet. - Vols. for <2012-> lack series title.

Boston (Mass.)

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    Calvin, Jean, (1509-1564.).
    Supplementa Calviniana; [Text]. sermons inaedits. / Jean, Calvin, Meulhaupt, Erwin. - Neukirchen, Kreis Moers, : Neukirchener Verlag der Buchhandlung des Erziehungsvereins, [1961]-2012. - v. : факс + 27 cm. - In French; prefatory matter and notes in English, French, or German. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - ISBN 9783788725211 (v. 4). - ISBN 3788702958 (v . 6): (no price).
Each vol. has also a special t.p. Vols. 4- "Iussu Corporis Presbyterianorum Universalis, World Alliance of Reformed Churches (Presbyterian and Congregational) moderante James I. McCord edidit Erwin Meulhaupt, adiuvantibus Willem Balke [et al.].". Published: Neukirchen-Vluyn, Neukirchener Theologie, 2012-. Vols. 1-2, 4, 10 issued also in parts.
v. 1. Predigten euber das 2. Buch Samuelis, hrsg. von H. Reuckert.--v. 2. Sermons sur le livre d'Esaeie, chapitres 13-29, publiaes par G.A. Barrois.--v. 3. Sermons sur le livre d'Esaeie, chapitres 13-29, publiaes par Francis M. Higman, Thomas H.L. Parker, Lewis Thorpe. --v. 4. Sermons sur Esaeie (Londres, Eglise fran?caise, ms. VIII.f. 2 & 3), daecouverts et aeditaes par Max Engammare. 1. Chapitres 52,1-59,21. 2. Chapitres 60,1-66,24.--v. 5. Sermons sur le livre de Michaee, publiaes par Jean Daniel Benoait.--v. 6. Sermons sur les livres de Jaeraemie et des Lamentations, publiaes par Rodolphe Peter.--v. 7. Psalmpredigten, Passions-, Oster- und Pfingstpredigten, hrsg. von Erwin Meulhaupt.--v. 8. Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles, cap. 1-7, edited by Willem Balke and Wilhelmus H. Th. Moehn.--10.3. Sermons sur le Livre des Revelations du prophete Ezechiel, chapitres 36-48, aeditaes par Erik Alexander de Boer, Barnabas Nagy--v. 11. 1. Sermons sur la Genaese chapitres 1.1-11.4. 2. Sermons sur la Genaese chapitres 11.5-20.7.
Рубрики: Sermons, French
   Reformed Church--Sermons

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Meulhaupt, Erwin.; Alliance of the Reformed Churches Throughout the World Holding the Presbyterian Order.World Alliance of Reformed Churches (Presbyterian and Congregational)
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