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    Documenta Romaniae historica. [Text].
   C, : Transilvania / / Academia de ?Stiin?te Sociale ?si Politice a Republicii Socialiste Romaania., Sec?tia de Istorie ?si Arheologie., Institutul de Istorie ?si Arheologie Cluj-Napoca., Academia Republicii Socialiste Romaania., Sec?tia de ?Stiin?te Istorice., Academia Romaan?a (1990- )., Sec?tia de ?Stiin?te Istorice ?si Arheologie. - Bucure?sti : : Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste Romaania,, <1977-2006>. - v. <10-13, 15> : с. : il + 25 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - ISBN 9732714336 (v . 15): (no price).
Documents in Latin with translation and commentary in Romanian. At head of title, v. 10-12: Academia de ?Stiin?te Sociale ?si Politice a Republicii Socialiste Romaania, Sec?tia de Istorie ?si Arheologie. Academia de ?Stiin?te Sociale ?si Politice a Republicii Socialiste Romaania, Institutul de Istorie ?si Arheologie Cluj-Napoca; v. 13: Academia Romaan?a, Sec?tia de ?Stiin?te Istorice ?si Arheologice; v. 15: Academia Romaan?a. Institutul de Istorie "George Bari?t" din Cluj-Napoca. Vol. 13, 15 published by: Editura Academiei Romaane.
-- v. 10. 1351-1355 -- v. 11. 1356-1360 -- v. 12. 1361-1365 -- v. 13. 1366-1370 -- v. 15. 1376-1380
Рубрики: Transylvania (Romania)--History--Sources.

Additional access points:
Berza, Mihai. \\; Pascu, ?Stefan. \\; Academia de ?Stiin?te Sociale ?si Politice a Republicii Socialiste Romaania. Sec?tia de Istorie ?si Arheologie.; Institutul de Istorie ?si Arheologie Cluj-Napoca.Academia Republicii Socialiste Romaania. Sec?tia de ?Stiin?te Istorice.; Academia Romaan?a (1990- ). Sec?tia de ?Stiin?te Istorice ?si Arheologie.
(No free copies)
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    Le Droit de la Communautae aeconomique europaeenne. [Text] : библиография / Maegret, Jacques,. - Bruxelles, : Presses universitaires de Bruxelles,, 1970-<1983 >. - p. : il + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographies. - (no price).
At head of title, v. 10-12 : Universitae libre de Bruxelles, Institut d'aetudes europaeennes.
v. 1. Praeambule. Principes. Libre circulation des marchandises. Par D. Vignes et M. Waelbroeck.--v. 2. Agriculture, par J. Maegret.--v. 3. Libre circulation des travailleurs. Etablissement et services. Capitaux, transports.--v. 4. Concurrence, par J. Megret [et al.].--v. 5. Dispositions fiscales. Rapprochement des laegislations.--v. 6. Politique aeconomique (2 v.)--v. 7. Politique sociale, par J. Maegret [et al.]--v. 8. La Banque europaeenne d'investissement, par J. Maegret [et al.]--v. 9. L'assemblaee, le conseil, la commission, le comitae aeconomique et social, par J, Maegret [et al.]--v. 10. La Cour de justice. Les actes des institutions, par M. Waelbroeck, J.-V. Louis, G. Vandersanden (2 v.)--v. 11. Dispositions financiaeres,par A. Sacchettini. v. 12. Relations extaerieures, par J. Megret [et al.]
Рубрики: Law--European Economic Community countries.
   Foreign trade regulation--European Economic Community countries.

   Agricultural laws and legislation--European Economic Community countries.

   Trade regulation--European Economic Community countries.

   European Economic Community countries--Commercial treaties.

Additional access points:
Maegret, Jacques, (1924-1976.); Universitae libre de Bruxelles. Institut d'aetudes europaeennes.
(No free copies)
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    Epigraaphiya Karnaaotika = [Text] = Epigraphia Carnatica. / University of Mysore., Institute of Kannada Studies., University of Mysore., Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies. - 1st rev. ed. - Mysore : : 1972-2003, S. a. - v. <1-12; 13, pt. 2; in 13> : : il + 29 cm. - English and Kannada. - (no price).
Edition statement varies. Vol. 10-12 published by Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, University of Mysore. Vol. 13, pt. 2- : General index / R. Narasimhachar issued under title: Epigraphia Carnatica and published: Mysore : Directorate of Archaeology & Museums, Govt. of Karnataka, 1978. (Centenary publications ; 8). Includes index.
v. 1. Kodagu Jille --v. 2. aSravaonabeolagoola -- v. 3. Maisauru Jille (Guonodlupaete, Naanjanagaudu, mattu Heggaodadaevanakaoote Taallaukugaolu) -- v. 4. Maisauru Jille (Caamaraajanagara, Yaolandauru, Kollegaala, Huonasauru, Piriyaapaototana Taallaukugalu) -- v. 5. Maisauru Jille (Korosonaraajanagara, Maisauru mattu Ti. Narasaipura Taallaukugalu) -- v. 6. Mandya Jille (Korosonaraajapaete, Paandavapura, mattu aSrairacngapaototaona Taallaukugaolu) -- v. 9. Haasana Jille : Belauru mattu Sakalaeasapura Taallaukugaolu = Hassan District : Beluru and Sakaleshapura Taluka -- v. 10. Haasana Jille : Arasaikere mattu Cennaraayapaototaona Taallaukugaolu = Hassan District : Arasikere and Chennarayapattana Taluks -- v. 11. Cikkamagaolauru Jille = Chikkamagaolauru District -- v. 12. Cikkamagaolauru Jille : Kaodauru, Koppa, Taraikere, Narasiomharaajapura taallaukugaolu = Chikkamagaolauru District : Kaodauru, Koppa, Tarikere, Narasimharajapura Taluka
Рубрики: Inscriptions, Kannada.
   Carnatic (India)--History

Additional access points:
University of Mysore. Institute of Kannada Studies.; University of Mysore. Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies.
(No free copies)
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