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    BWS diacritic test record -- copy 1 [Text]. - Washington, DC : : Library of Congress ;, 1991. - p. ; : il + cm. - (no price).
LINE ONE LC: grave (aa, ae, ai, ao, au); inverted question (A); one (1), subscript one (?b1?s); two (2), subscript two (?b2?s); three (3), subscript three (?b3?s); four (4), subscript four (?b4?s); five (5), subscript five (?b5?s), six (6), subscript six (?b6?s); seven (7), subscript seven (?b7?s); eight (8), subscript (?b8?s); nine (9), subscript nine (?b9?s); zero (0), subscript zero (?b0?s); hyphen (-), subscript hyphen (?b-?s); equal sign (=), subscript plus (?b+?s). LINE ONE UC: tilde (an, aN, ao), inverted exclamation (?); exclamation (!), superscript one (?p1?s); at sign (@), superscript two (?p2?s); cross hatch (#), superscript three (?p3?s); dollar sign ($), superscript four (?p4?s); percent (%), superscript five (?p5?s); circumflex (aa, ae, ai, ao, au), superscript six (?p6?s); ampersand (&), superscript seven (?p7?s); asterisk (*), superscript eight (?p8?s); left parenthesis ((), superscript nine (?p9?s); right parenthesis ()), superscript zero (?p0?s); underscore spacing (_), superscript hyphen (?p-?s); plus sign (+), superscript plus sign (?p+?s). LINE TWO LC: q, ae digraph (µ); w, d bar (?); e, l slash (±); r, oe digraph (¶); t, o hook (?); y, o slash (?); u, thorn (?); i, u hook (?); o, acute (aa, ae, aE, ai, ao, au); p, hacek (eo); left bracket ([), subscript left parenthesis (?b(?s); right bracket (]), subscript right parenthesis (?b)?s); back slash (\), logical not (). LINE TWO UC: Q, AE digraph (?); W, D bar (?); E, L slash (?); R, OE digraph (¦); T, O hook (¬); Y, O slash (?); U, Thorn (¤); I, U hook (­); O, double acute (io); P, single dagger (); left brace (), superscript left parenthesis (?p(?s); right brace (), superscript right parenthesis (?p)?s); fill character (|), plus-or-minus («). LINE THREE LC: a, alpha (?(Sa?(B); s, ayn (°); d, alif (ʾ); f, macron (ao); g, miagkii znak (§); h, right hook (no); j, cedilla (?c, ?C, ?o); k, ligature left half (eo); l, ligature right half (io); semicolon (;), candrabindu (io); apostrophe ('), i dotless (?). LINE THREE UC: A, pseudo question (ao); S, eth (?); D, script l (A); F, double underscore (oo); G, tverdyi znak (·); H, left hook (?o); J, right cedilla (oo); K, double tilde left half (uo); L, double tilde right half (uo); colon (:), high comma center (?o); quote ("), high comma right (io). LINE FOUR LC: z, phonorecord mark (A); x, copyright mark (A); c, gamma (?(Sd?(B); v, musical flat (©); b, beta (?(Sb?(B); n, dot below (oo); m, umlaut (ea, eA, ee, ei, eo, eO, eu, eU, ey); comma (,), underscore (oa, oo); period (.), upadhmaniya (uo); slash (/), circle below (oo). LINE FOUR UC: Z, patent mark (?); X, mask mark (); C, British pound (?); V, musical sharp (A); B, center dot (?); N, dot above (co); M, double dot below (oo); less than (), degree sign (A); greater than (), breve (?o); question mark (?), circle above (ea, eA, eo). ADDED by AB as test: Broken vertical bar (¦); cent sign (¢); division sign (÷); multiplication sign (×); section sign (§); trademark symbol (™). ADDED BY AB: spacing tilde (~); ???(?(Sd?(B)

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