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    Bookdealers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka &c. : [Text] : a directory of dealers in secondhand and antiquarian books in the sub-continent of South Western Asia / / Punnoose, K. P. - 1st ed. - London : : Sheppard Press,, 1977. - xxiv, 108 p. : : il + 19 cm. - ISBN 0900661143: (no price).
Distributed in U.S. By Standing Orders, Patterson, N.Y. Includes indexes.
Рубрики: Antiquarian booksellers--Directories.--South Asia

Additional access points:
Punnoose, K. P.
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    Foreign investments in the United States : [Text] : department of Commerce and Department of Treasury estimates / / Wilkins, Mira. - New York : : Arno Press,, 1977. - ca. 600 p. in various pagings : : graphs ; + 24 cm. - (European business). - ISBN 0405097883: (no price).
Reprint of works published 1854-1975.
Report of the Secretary of the Treasury in answer to a resolution of the Senate calling for the amount of American securities held in Europe and other foreign countries on 30th June, 1853.--The report of the Special Comissioner of the Revenue upon the industry, trade, &c., of the United States for the year 1869.--Hall, R. The balance of international payments of the United States in 1927.--Hall, R. The balance of international payments of the United States in 1929.--U.S. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Foreign investments in the United States.--U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Finance Division. Foreign long-term investments in the United States, 1937-1939.--U.S. Treasury Dept. Office of the Secretary. Census of foreign-owned assets in the United States.--Pizer, S. and Warner, Z. V. Foreign business investments in the United States.--Leftwich, R. B. Foreign direct investments in the United States, 1962-71.--Leftwich, R. B. and Boyke, R. Foreign direct investments in the United States in 1972.--Leftwich, R. B. Foreign direct investment in the United States in 1973.--Mantel, I. M. Foreign direct investment in the United States in 1974.
Рубрики: Investments, Foreign--United States.

Additional access points:
Wilkins, Mira.; United States. Department of Commerce.United States. Department of the Treasury.
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    Almanac &c. / [Text] / Bloom, Karen M. - [New york?] : : Westvaco,, 1985. - 294 p. : : il + 25 cm. - (no price).
A selection from the contents of 12 early American almanacs. "Privately published by Westvaco, Christmas 1985"--T.p. verso. "Limited editon"-- Colophon.
Рубрики: Almanacs, American.

Additional access points:
Bloom, Karen M.; Westvaco Corporation.
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    Centenary review of the Asiatic Society, 1784-1884. [Text] : библиография / Asiatic Society (Kolkata, India). - Calcutta : : The Society,, 1986. - 195, 216, ciii, 109, xcvi, 20 p. ; + 22 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - (no price).
Each title has separate t.p. Reprint. Originally published: Centenary review of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1784-1884. Calcutta : Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1885.
History of the society / by Rajendralal Mitra -- Archaeology, history, literature, &c / by A.F. Rudolf Hoernle -- Classified index to the scientific papers in the society's publications from 1788 to 1883 -- Natural science -- Classified index to the scientific papers in the society's publications from 1788 to 1882 -- Proceedings of the special centenary meeting of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.

Additional access points:
Asiatic Society (Kolkata, India)
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    Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications &c. in the Diocese of Chester, A.D. 1561-6 / [Text] : библиография / Furnivall, Frederick James,. - Millwood, N.Y. : : Kraus Reprint,, 1988. - lxxxviii, 256 p. : : портр + 22 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - ISBN 0527001120 (a lk. paper) :: $45.00 р.
"Depositions in trials in the Bishop's Court, Chester, concerning 1. Child-marriages, divorces, and ratifications. 2. Trothplights. 3. Adulteries. 4. Affliations. 5. Libels. 6. Wills. 7. Miscellaneous matters. 8. Clandestine marriages. Also entries from the mayors' books, Chester, A.D. 1558-1600.". Reprint. Originally published: London : Published for Early English Text Society by K. Paul, Trench, Treubner, 1897. (Early English Text Society. Original series ; 108)
Рубрики: Court records--England--Cheshire.
   Ecclesiastical courts--England--Cheshire.

   Child marriage--Law and legislation--England--Cheshire.

   Cheshire (England)--Social life and customs.

Additional access points:
Furnivall, Frederick James, (1825-1910.)
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    Sherwood, (George Frederick Tudor), (1867-).
    American colonists in English records; [Text]. a guide to direct references in authentic records, passenger lists not in "Hotten," &c., &c., &c. / George F. Tudor Sherwood. - Baltimore, : Genealogical Pub. Co.,, 1961. - 215 p. + 23 cm. - (no price).
Рубрики: British Americans.
   United States--History--Sources., Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
    United States--Emigration and immigration.

    Great Britain--Emigration and immigration--History, 17th century.

    Great Britain--Emigration and immigration--History, 18th century.

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    Bibliography of the N[orthern] T[erritory, [Text] : библиография / Gill, Thomas,, Hannaford, Cyril Harry,. - [Adelaide, : Public Library of South Australia,, 1962]. - 8, 22, 4 p. (on double leaves) + 34 cm. - (South Australian facsimile editions, ; no. 28). - (no price).
Cover title.
Bibliography of the Northern Territory of South Australia, by T. Gill. 1903.--List of books, &c. in the Public Library of South Australia relating to the Northern Territory, continuing Thomas Gill's bibliography to December 1933. Supplement 1934-38. By C. H. Hannaford.
Рубрики: Northern Territory.

Additional access points:
Gill, Thomas, (1849-1923.); Hannaford, Cyril Harry, (1897-); South Australia. Public Library, Adelaide.
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    South Australian Association.
    South Australia; [Text]. outline of the plan of a proposed colony to be founded on the south coast of Australia; with an account of the soil, climate, rivers, &c. - [Adelaide, : Public Library of South Australia,, 1962]. - 80 p. (on double leaves) : карты + 21 cm. - (South Australian facsimile editions, ; no. 9). - (no price).
"Microfilmed by the Microfilming Service of the Public Library of South Australia from a copy held in the Public Library of South Australia, and reproduced for the Libraries Board by Microreproductions (S.A.), using the xerographic process."
Рубрики: South Australia--Description and travel.

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    East Anglian miscellany upon matters of history, genealogy, archµology, folk-lore, literature, &c., relating to East Anglia. [Text]. - Ipswich [England] : : Printed by W.S. Cowell,, 1965. - 107 p. ; + 25 cm. - (no price).
"Reprinted from the East Anglian daily times."
Рубрики: East Anglia (England)--Civilization.

(No free copies)
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    Flora of Iraq. [Text] : библиография / Guest, Evan R., Townsend, C. C. ; Iraq., Wizaarat al-Ziraa°ah., Iraq., Wizaarat al-Ziraa°ah wa-al-Ioslaaoh al-Ziraa°ai. - [Baghdad] : Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Iraq,, 1966-<1980 >. - p. : il, карты + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographies and index. - (no price).
Title on added t.p.: al-Mawsau°ah al-nabaataiyah al-°Iraaqaiyah. Vols. 3-4 have imprint: Baghad : Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Republic of Iraq.
v. 1. Introduction to the flora, by E. Guest with assistance from A. al-Raawai. 1966. v. 2. Edited by C.C. Townsend and E. Guest, with the collaboration of A. al-Rawi. 1966.--v. 3. Leguminales., edited by C.C. Townsend and Evan Guest. 1974. v. 4, pt. 1. Cornaceae to Rubiaceae (Hutchinson, 1959). pt. 2. Bignoniaceae to Resedaceai (Hutchinson, 1959), edited by C.C. Townsend and Evan Guest. 1980.-- v. 9. Gramineae, by N.L. Bor, with economic and distributional notes &c. by E. Guest. 1968.
Рубрики: Botany--Classification.--Iraq

Additional access points:
Guest, Evan R.; Townsend, C. C.; Iraq. Wizaarat al-Ziraa°ah.; Iraq. Wizaarat al-Ziraa°ah wa-al-Ioslaaoh al-Ziraa°ai.
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    The Compleat collier; [Text]. or, The whole art of sinking, getting, and working, coal-mines &c., as is now used in the northern parts, especially about Sunderland and Newcastle, / J. C., C., J. - [New ed.]. - Newcastle upon Tyne, : Frank Graham,, 1968. - 55 p. + 19 cm. - ISBN 0900409517: (no price).
Cover title. Facsimile reprint of 2nd ed., Newcastle, reprinted by M. A. Richardson, 1845. Originally published, London, G. Conyers, 1708.
Рубрики: Mining engineering--Early works to 1800.
   Coal mines and mining.

Additional access points:
J. C.; C., J.
(No free copies)
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    The Factory act of 1819: six pamphlets, 1818-1819. [Text]. - New York, : Arno Press,, 1972. - 1 v. (various pagings) + 23 cm. - (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets ; 1727-1850). - ISBN 0405044178: (no price).
An inquiry into the principle and tendency of the bill now pending in Parliament [first published 1818].--Remarks on the objections which have been urged against the principle of Sir Robert Peel's bill, by S. T. Coleridge [first published 1818].--Information concerning the state of children employed in cotton factories, by Sir N. Gould [first published 1818].--Answers to certain objections made to Sir Robert Peel's bill [first published 1819].--Reasons in favour of Sir Robert Peel's bill [first published 1819].--Observations, &c. as to the ages of persons employed in the cotton mills [first published 1819].
Рубрики: Child labor--Law and legislation--Great Britain.
   Factory laws and legislation--Great Britain.

   Cotton manufacture--Law and legislation--Great Britain.

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    The Housekeeper's book; [Text]. comprising advice on the conduct of household affairs in general; and particular directions for the preservation of furniture, bedding, &c.; and for the laying in and preserving. of provisions; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. / A lady. - Somersworth, : New Hampshire Pub. Co.,, 1972. - 244 p. : il + 20 cm. - ISBN 0912274174: (no price).
Reprint of the 1837 ed. published by W. Marshall, Philadelphia.
Рубрики: Cooking, American.
   Home economics.

Additional access points:
A lady.
(No free copies)
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    Early nineteenth-century studies and surveys. [Text] : библиография. - New York, : Arno Press,, 1974. - 1 v. (various pagings) : il + 24 cm. - (Natural sciences in America). - Includes bibliographical references. - ISBN 0405057334: (no price).
A collection of reprints.
Rafinesque, C. S. Annals of nature; or, Annual synopsis of new genera and species of animals, plants, and discovered in North America.--Sabine, J. Zoological appendix to the Narrative of Captain Franklin's journey to the shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819, 20, 21, and 22, being notices of the quadrupeds and birds of which specimens were collected during the journey.--Swainson, W. A synopsis of the birds discovered in Mexico by W. Bullock, F.L.S. and H.S., and Mr. William Bullock, Jun.--Ross, J. C. Natural history: zoology.--Bachman, J. On the migration of the birds of North America.--Richardson, J. Zoological remarks.--Townsend, J. K. Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River, and a visit to the Sandwich Islands, Chili, &c., with a scientific appendix.--Gambel, W. Descriptions of some new and rare birds of the Rocky Mountains and California.--Gambel, W. Descriptions of new and little known birds collected in upper California.--Gambel, W. Remarks on the birds observed in upper California.--Gambel, W. Remarks on the birds observed in upper California, with descriptions of new species.--Ord, G. A reprint of the North American zoology.
Рубрики: Zoology--North America.
   Birds--North America.

   Ecological surveys--North America.

(No free copies)
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