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    Merriman, John Xavier, (1841-1926.).
    Selections from the correspondence of J. X. Merriman. [Text] : библиография / John Xavier, Merriman ; ed. Lewsen, Phyllis,. - Cape Town, : Van Riebeeck Society,, 1960-69. - 4 v. p. : карты, портр, вкл.л, факс + 22 cm. - Includes bibliographies. - (no price).
[1] 1870-1890.--[2] 1890-1898.--[3] 1899-1905.--[4] 1905-1924.

Additional access points:
Lewsen, Phyllis, \ed.\; Merriman, John Xavier,
(No free copies)
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    Di Vona, Vona, Piero.
    Studi sull'ontologia di Spinoza ... [Text] : библиография / Vona, Piero. Di Vona. - Firenze, : La nuova Italia,, 1960-69. - 2 v. с. + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographical references. - (no price).
Vol. 1 lacks first series statement.
pt. 1. L'ordinamento delle scienze filosofiche. La ratio. Il concetto di ente.--pt. 2. Res ed ens, la necessitaa, le divisioni dell'essere.
Рубрики: Ontology.

Additional access points:
Spinoza, Benedictus de,
(No free copies)
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    Delhi (Union Ter.).
    The Delhi code. [Text] / Delhi (Union Ter.)., Delhi (Union Ter.)., Law and Judicial Department. - Delhi, : Manager of Publications,, 1960-69. - 3 v. in 4. p. + 25 cm. - (no price).
At head of title: Delhi Administration. Law and Judical Department.
v. 1. Compilation of unrepealed central acts of local application; brought up to the 30th April 1959.--v. 2. Compilation of unrepealed Delhi acts; brought upto 30th April 1959.--v. 3. pts. A-B. Compilation of state acts extended to Delhi from time to time under the Delhi laws act, 1912 & the Union territories (laws) act, 1950; pt. A. brought up to 31st December 1962; pt. B. brought upto 31st December 1967.
Рубрики: Law--Delhi (Union Ter.)

Additional access points:
Delhi (Union Ter.). Law and Judicial Department.
(No free copies)
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    Corpus vasorum antiquorum. [Text]. Museo di antichitaa di Torino. / Lo Porto, Felice Gino. Museo di antichitaa di Torino. - [Roma] : Libreria dello Stato,, 1960-69 . - v. <1-2 > с. : вкл.л + 33 cm. - Includes bibliographical references. - (no price).
Cover title. At head of title: Union acadaemique internationale. Vols. 1-2 edited by F. G. Lo Porto. Vol. 2 has imprint: Roma, L'Erma di Bretschneider. Issued in portfolios.
Рубрики: Vases, Ancient--Italy--Turin.

Additional access points:
Lo Porto, Felice Gino.; Museo di antichitaa (Turin, Italy)
(No free copies)
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    eStaitnay, Tomaaes, (1325?-1404?).
    Sbornaik Vyesehradskay. [Text] : библиография / Tomaaes, eStaitnay ; ed.: Ryesaanek, Frantiesek,, Daenhelka, Jierai,. - [1. vyd.]. - Praha, : Nakl. eCeskoslovenskae akademie veed,, 1960-69. - 2 v. с. : факс + 25 cm. - (Texty a studie k deejinaam eceskaeho jazyka a literatury ; ; 1, 3). - (no price).
At head of title: Tomaaes ze eStaitnaeho. Vol. 2 edited by Frantiesek Ryesanek and Jierai Daenhelka. Vol. 2 has imprint: Praha, Academia.
1. aUvod a text -- 2. Slovnaik.
Рубрики: Religious education--Indexes.

Additional access points:
Ryesaanek, Frantiesek, \ed.\; Daenhelka, Jierai, \ed.\; eStitnay, Tomaaes,
(No free copies)
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