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    Veleva, (Marieiia G.).
    B?ulgarski narodni nosii / [Текст] : библиография / M. G. Veleva, (Evgenieiia) Lepavetisova, Evg. - Sofieiia : : BAN,, 1960-1988. - 4 v. : с. : il + 35 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and indexes. - (no price).
Titles on added t.p.: Bolgarskaeiia narodnaeiia odezhda; Bulgarian folk costumes. At head of title: B?ulgarska akademieiia na naukite. Etnografski institut s muze?i. Each vol. has summary in English and Russian and list of illustrations also in English and Russian.
t. 1. B?ulgarski narodni nosii v Severna B?ulgarieiia prez XIX i nachaloto na XX v. -- t. 2. B?ulgarski narodni nosii v Sredna Zapadna B?ulgarieiia i Srednite i Zapadnite Rodopi ot kraeiia na XVIII do sredata na XX v. -- t. 3. B?ulgarski narodni nosii v Iztochna B?ulgarieiia prez XIX i p?urvata polovina na XX vek -- t. 4. B?ulgarski narodni nosii v eIiUzhna B?ulgarieiia prez XIX i p?urvata polovina na XX vek.
Рубрики: Clothing and dress--Bulgaria.

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Lepavetisova, Evg., (Evgenieiia)
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    Bertel§s, (Evgeni?i cEduardovich), (1890-1957.).
    Izbrannye trudy. [Текст] : библиография / E. cE. Bertel§s. - Moskva, : Izd-vo vostochno?i lit-ry,, 1960-1988. - 5 v. с. : портр + 27 cm. - Bibliographical footnotes. - (no price).
Editors vary. On leaves preceding title pages, v. 1, 5: Akademieiia nauk SSSR. Institut vostokovedenieiia (v. 5 varies slightly); v. 2-3: Akademieiia nauk SSSR. Institut narodov Azii.
[1] Istorieiia persidsko-tadzhiksko?i literatury.--[2] Nizami i Fuzuli.--[4] Navoi i Dzhami.--[5] Istorieiia literatury i kul§tury Irana.
Рубрики: Iranian philology.

   Turkic languages.

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