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    Great American speeches [[sound recording].]. - 2016TC 2031TC 2033TC 2035. - New York : : Caedmon,, [1958-1969]. - 8 sound discs : : transp, transp, transp, () + 12 in. - (no price).
Program notes on containers. Caedmon: TC 2016, 2031, 2033, 2035.
v. 1. 1775-1896: Patrick Henry's "Liberty or death" speech. Washington's inaugural address. Jefferson's inaugural address. Quincy on the admission of Louisiana. Clay on the War of 1812. Lincoln's "House divided" address. Sumner on "Bleeding Kanasas". Lincoln's Cooper Union speech. Toomb's secesssion proclamation. Lincoln's Gettysburg address. Lee's order of surrender. William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of gold" speech -- v. 2. 1898-1918: Albert Jeremiah Beveridge's "The march of the flag". William Jennings Bryan's "Naboth's vineyard". Mark Twain's "Public education". Theodore Roosevelt's "The man with the muck rake". Clarence Seward Darrow's "To the jury : self defense". Robert M. La Follette's "Soldiers pay". Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen points" -- v. 3. 1931-1947: On his ninetieth birthday (March 7, 1931) / Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. -- First inaugural address (March 4, 1933) / Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Morgenthau's plan (April 28, 1935 / Will Rogers. War comes to Europe (September 1, 1939) / Herbert Hoover. Declaration of war (December 8, 1941) / Franklin D. Roosevelt. Loyal opposition (November 11, 1940) / Wendell Willkie. Order of the day (June 6, 1944) / Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Truman doctrine (March 12, 1947) / Harry S. Truman. The Marshall plan (June 5, 1947) / George C. Marshall -- v. 4. 1950-1963: Address before Congress / Douglas MacArthur. Acceptance of nomination / Adlai Stevenson. Abraham Lincoln / Carl Sandburg. Opening statements : the fourth debate / John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon. Inaugural address / John F. Kennedy. Eulogy : John F. Kennedy / Adlai Stevenson. Nobel prize acceptance speech / William Faulkner.
Рубрики: Speeches, addresses, etc., American.
Abstract: Presents a collection of memorable speeches in American history, beginning with Patrick Henry's "liberty or death" speech in 1775 and ending with William Faulkner's 1963 Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Many are original recordings of the actual speakers.

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