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    [Bookplates by Jacques Hnizdovsky] [[graphic].]. - [S. l. : s. n.], [between 1947 and 1981]. - 28 items. : transp, transp, transp. - (no price).
Collection stored on site. Containers include: 1 V size container (partial). Creators include: Jacques Hnizdovsky. Media includes: 28 Prints : bookplates. This catalog record contains preliminary data. Title devised by Library staff.

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    Biographisches Lexikon verstorbener Schweizer. [Text] : словарь. - Zeurich, : Schweizerische Industrie-Bibliothek, Departement Lexikon,, 1947-1982 . - v. <1-8 > s. : портр + 30 cm. - (no price).
Vol. 7-8 published by Kirschgarten-Druckerei AG, Basel. Includes indexes.
Рубрики: Switzerland--Biography.

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    Karunaratna, David.
    Maha raa gamana / [Text] / David. Karunaratna. - Koolamba : : Guonasaena,, 1947. - 81 p. ; + 20 cm. - (no price).

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    Daiaz, Porfirio, (1830-1915.).
    Archivo del general Porfirio Daiaz, memorias y documentos; [Text]. praologo y notas de Alberto Maraia Carreano. / Porfirio, Daiaz. - Maexico, : Editorial "Elede,", 1947-1961. - 30 v. с. : il, портр, планы, факс + 24 cm. - (Colecciaon de obras historicas mexicanas ; ; 2-3). - (no price).
Includes indexes.
t. 1-3. Memorias.--t. 4- 30. Epistolario.
Рубрики: Manuscripts, Mexican.
   Mexico--Politics and government--Sources., 1867-1910

Additional access points:
Daiaz, Porfirio,
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    Peraeraa, G. H., (1896-1948.).
    Siomhala macngala sauttara : [Text] : rasavat navakathaava / / G. H., Peraeraa. - Koolamba : : Guonasaena,, [pref. 1947] 1961 printing. - 107 p. ; + 20 cm. - (no price).
In Sinhalese. A novel.

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    United States. Army.
    Planning for the occupation of Germany. [Text] / United States., Army. - Frankfurt-am-Main, : Office of the Chief Historian, European Command,, 1947 [i.e. 1961]. - 200 p. + 20 cm. - (Occupation forces in Europe series ; ; 1945-46). - (no price).
Рубрики: Reconstruction (1939-1951)--Germany.
   Germany--History, 1945-1955.

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   Koran. English.

    The Holy Quran; [Text]. with English translation and commentary. / Aohmad, Bashairuddain Maohmaud,. - 1st ed. - Qadian, India, : Published under the auspices of Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, by the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya,, 1947-[1963]. - 3 v. in 4 (cclxxvi, 2917 p.) + 26 cm. - Includes bibliographical references. - (no price).
Introd. by Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad. Label mounted on t.p.: The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Washington, D.C.

Additional access points:
Aohmad, Bashairuddain Maohmaud, (1889-1965.)
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    Mahaabandha. [Text] : библиография / Bhautabali., Divaakara, Sumerucandra,, Siddhaantaasaastrai, Phaulacandra,. - [Vaaraaonasai] : Bhaarataiya Janaanapaiotha Prakaaasana,, 1947-<1965 >. - v. <1-2, 6-7 > с. + 27 cm. - Bibliographical footnotes. - (no price).
Hindi and Prakrit; explationas in Hindi. Includes various editions of some volumes. Vols. 2, 6-7 edited by Phaulacandra Siddhaantaasaastrai. Classical work on Jaina ethics of action.
1. Paodhamo payaodibandhaahiyaaro -- 2. Bidiyo otothidibandhaahiyaaro -- 6-7. Cauttho padeasabandhaahiyaaro.
Рубрики: Jaina ethics.

Additional access points:
Divaakara, Sumerucandra, (1905-1994.); Siddhaantaasaastrai, Phaulacandra, (1901-1995.)
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    Chartism to universal suffrage (Filmstrip) [Text] / Common Ground, ltd., London. [from old catalog], Carman Educational Associates. [from old catalog]. - [n.p.] : Common Ground, London,, 1947. Made by G. Jahoda. Released in the U. S. by Carman Educational Associates, 1966. - 43 fr. p. : b&w. + 35 mm. - (no price).
Рубрики: Representative government and representation--Great Britain.
   Suffrage--Great Britain.

Additional access points:
Common Ground, ltd., London. [from old catalog]; Carman Educational Associates. [from old catalog]
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    [Children's book pictures and ephemera, including cutouts and puzzles] [[graphic].]. - [S. l. : s. n.], [between 1947 and 1966]. - 30 prints : : transp, transp, transp. - (no price).
Container 1 includes: 13 children's books and a German Plastipuzzle. Container 2 includes: puzzles, Benny the Bunny, color and stick 'em books, Whitman prints, Military Collector and Historian, Volume 8, No. 4, Winter 1956, and a cartoon of Hell. Creator not recorded. Material stored off site. Containers include: 1 F size and 1 A size container. This catalog record contains preliminary data. Title devised by Library staff.

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   Berita Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia).

    Berita Indonesia. [Text]. - Jakarta [Indonesia] : : ,, [1947-1967]. - v. - (no price).
Description based on: ; title from volume spine.
Рубрики: Jakarta (Indonesia)

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    Autographed photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs [[graphic].] / (Lawrence Edmund), Spivak, Lawrence E. ; donor. (Lawrence Edmund), Spivak, Lawrence E. ; Meet the Press Collection (Library of Congress). - [S. l. : s. n.], 1947-1975. - 299 photographic prints : : transp, transp, transp + 9 x 12 in. or smaller. - (no price).
LOT title devised. Guest name and date of show imprinted on front of most photographs or written on back. Broadcast transcripts, correspondence, and other manuscript materials are in the Lawrence Edmund Spivak Papers in the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. Broadcasts are in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress.
Рубрики: African Americans--Civil rights, 1940-1980.
   Presidents--United States, 1940-1980.

   Cabinet officers--United States, 1940-1980.

   Governors--United States, 1940-1980.

   Mayors--United States, 1940-1980.

   Legislators--United States, 1940-1980.

   Labor leaders--United States, 1940-1980.

   Heads of state, 1940-1980.

   Statesmen, 1940-1980.

   Journalists--United States, 1940-1980.

   Military officers, 1940-1980.

   Activists, 1940-1980.

   Government officials, 1940-1980.

   Politicians, 1940-1980.

   Physicians, 1940-1980.

   Ambassadors, 1940-1980.

   Businesspeople, 1940-1980.

   Civil rights leaders, 1940-1980.

   Radio broadcasting, 1940-1980.

   Television broadcasting, 1940-1980.

   Public affairs television programs, 1940-1980.

   Public affairs radio programs, 1940-1980.

   Journalism, 1940-1980.

   Interviews, 1940-1980.

   Political issues, 1940-1980.

   International relations, 1940-1980.

Abstract: Photographs of guests and Lawrence Spivak, producer, moderator, and regular panelist of "Meet the press" on the set of the show. Occasionally panel journalists and moderator Ned Brooks appear. The images are autographed by the guests, sometimes with a dedication to Lawrence Spivak. Also includes some autographed publicity photographs of guests. Guests included national and international figures such as heads of state, presidential candidates, members of Congress, mayors, governors, cabinet officers, civil rights leaders, labor leaders, economists, ambassadors and physicians; for example, Eleanor Roosevelt, Roy Cohn, John L. Lewis, Martin Luther King, Roy Wilkins, Dag Hammarskjeold, Robert Frost, Billy Graham, Edward Teller, Herbert Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan. Topics discussed on "Meet the press" included international relations, domestic policy, congressional legislation, civil rights, political elections, the Vietnam War, McCarthyism, health care, the Watergate affair, and the Cold War.

Additional access points:
Spivak, Lawrence E., (Lawrence Edmund), (1900-1994.); Spivak, Lawrence E., (Lawrence Edmund), (1900-1994,) \donor.\; Spivak, Lawrence E.; Meet the Press Collection (Library of Congress)
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