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    Eighth Air Force Memorial Museum Foundation collection [[graphic]]. - [S. l. : s. n.], 1942-1977. - ca. 5,000 items. : transp, transp, transp. - (no price).
This catalog record contains preliminary data. Title devised by Library staff. Some materials stored off site. Containers include: 10 F size, 8 AA size, 4 A size, 1 B size, 2 V size, 3 J size, 1 MCD size. Container List: Eighth Air Force. Portraits, life, and times at airbases in England used by U.S. Eighth Air Force, ca. 1942-1977. Photographs collected from public and private sources by Lt. Col. John H. Woolnough to illustrate his 8th Air Force Album : The Story of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in WW II, published in 1978 (LC call no.: D790.E38) and 8th Air Force Yearbook : The Current Status of 8th AF Unit Associations, published in 1980 (LC call no.: D790.A56). Each photo marked with page number. Material is partially organized. (This content description covers also: 1980:056, 1981:235, 1981:091c). Artwork relating to U.S. Eighth Air Force during World War II, ca. 1943-1946, c1978-c1979. Portraits of U.S. Air Force officers; aerial operations; military aircraft; flak crew; P-51B "Joan" of the 362nd Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group; etc. Artists are: Frank E. Beresford, Floyd Davis, Ray Honisett, Peter Hurd, John Milich, Albert E. Milliken, Ogden Pleissner, Jake Schuffert, Sommer, and Ronald Wong. Also, photos of safety, security, and Special Services posters. (This content description covers also: 1980:1975; 1981:091). Mainly, scenes in Peterborough, England, area and on trips (including Scotland), snapshots of unidentified people, and Alconbury Station, home of 482nd Bombardment Group; leisure time activities of 1st Air Division units, including entertainers Bob Hope, Frances Langford, and Tommy Dorsey(?) in 1944. Also, studio portrait of Maj. Gen. H.M. Turner and Brig. Gen. Bartlett Beaman(?). Most photos taken by Peter F. Ardizzi. Some captions. Material is partially organized. (This content description covers also: 1982:030.) Related to description for 1979:326.). ee content description for 1979:326. For Part c of this accession, see content description for 1979:271. Part d: Bomb damage (in Berlin, Germany?) and airplane wrecks during World War II, 1943-1945; photos taken from the Chancellery (Reichskanzlei), Berlin, July 1945. (This content description covers also: 1982:030a.). Part a of this accession, see content description for 1981:091d. For Part b of this accession, see content description for 1980:175a, d, and f. Covers 1943-1945. Life and career of Col. Granville S. Carrel, Air Force officer in European theater during World War II, ca. 1941-ca. 1946 ; composite of portrait photos of 356th Fighter Group, and 359, 360, and 361 Fighter Squadrons stationed at Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, England, probably 1944 (1 reproduction). U.S. Eighth Air Force activities, July-Nov. 1944, including pilot Clark B. Rollins; bombers in flight; B-17 bomber "Madame Shoo Shoe" in flight; nose art (decorations on bombers); bomb runs and formations; includes captions. Mainly aerial reconnaissance photos of Germany arranged by place name. Also, personal photos; planes of 384th Bombardment Group flying in formation over Munster, Germany, 19 Feb. 1945. (This content description covers also: PR 13 CN 1989:071.) Official British photos of bomb damage are too curled to view. Material is partially organized. Covers 1943-1945. Media includes: 1 album with 82 photographic prints. Media includes: 40 photographic prints, some color, of paintings and 1 newsletter. Media includes: 1026 photographic prints and 1 book. Media includes: 86 photographic prints. Media includes: 64 items: photographic prints, maps, prints. Media includes: ca. 1,182 photographic prints, 1 book. Media includes: ca. 194 photographic prints. Media includes: 3 photo albums and 91 loose photographic prints. Media includes: 17 color transparencies. Media includes: ca. 2,500 photographic prints and 3 albums.

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