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    Garcaia Carraffa, Carraffa, Alberto, (1882-).
    Enciclopedia heraaldica y genealaogica hispano-americana [Text] / Carraffa, Alberto, Garcaia Carraffa, (Arturo), Garcaia Carraffa, A. - [Madrid, : Impr. de A. Marzo,, 1919-1963 . - v. <1-60, 63-64, 66-88 > с. : il, гербы + 29 cm. - (no price).
Title-pages, v. 1-39 have colored ornamental borders; v. 40-60, 63-64, 66-70, 72-73, 76-88 have cover titles only; each volume has special t.-p.; colored head pieces and initials. "Ejemplar, no. 101.". Imprint varies.
t. 1. Ciencia heraaldica o del blasaon ... 1919.--t. 2. Diccionario de los taerminos del blasaon, maetodos de blasonar, aindice de lemas heraaldicos ... 1920.--t. 3-. Diccionario heraaldico y genealaogico de apellidos espaanoles y americanos ... 1920-19.
Рубрики: Heraldry--Spain.
   Heraldry--Latin America.

    Latin America--Genealogy.

Additional access points:
Garcaia Carraffa, A., (Arturo), (1885-)
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    Little blue book. [Text] / (Emanuel), Haldeman-Julius, E., Tebbel, John William, ; Bibliographical Society of America. (v. 64. ; )! . - Girard, Kan. : : Haldeman-Julius,, 1919-1963. - 922 v. ; p. + 13 cm. - (no price).
Numbering irregular: series numbering most often retained through series title changes; however, some numbers reused on different analytic titles. Edited by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius. For the history of this series of publications for the mass market, begun by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius in 1919 and continued after his death in 1951 by his son until 1963, see v. 3 and 4 of John Tebbel's A history of book publishing in the United States. See Bibl. Soc. of Amer. Papers, v. 64 (1970), p. 29-79 for lists and chronologies aiding in understanding title changes and numb. duplications in this series. LC copy accompanied by Bibl. Soc. of Amer. Papers, v. 64 (1970); an article by Lenore Anderson, entitled "Haldeman-Julius: Little Blue books, 50th Anniversary" copied from American book collector, XIX (April-May, 1969); and four sales catalogues from Haldeman-Julius (ca. 1924-ca. 1928).

Additional access points:
Haldeman-Julius, E., (Emanuel), (1888-1951.); Tebbel, John William, (1912-2004.); Bibliographical Society of America.
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