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    [Colt Kipling Collection miscellany]. [Text] / Kipling, Rudyard, ; collector.: Colt, Harris Dunscombe,, Croom-Johnson, Norman, ; Kipling Society., Birdsall & Son Bookbinders & Stationers., Colt Kipling Collection (Library of Congress). - [S. l. : s. n.], [1880-1986]. - 7 boxes (1,294 items) : : il + 27 x 39 x 13 cm. and 39 x 64 x 6 cm.39 x 64 x 6 cm. - (no price).
Facsimiles and photocopies of correspondence in Box 5 include correspondence from Rudyard Kipling to Arthur James Balfour, Moberly Bell, Certain Odd Volumes, Ian D. Colvin, L. Cope Cornford, Dr. Curteis, Colonel L.C. Dunsterville, Corporal des Gachons, John S. Howell, Julio Kilenyi, John Thos. Lee, James Thursfield and B.H. Walton. Also includes H. Dunscombe Colt's transcripts of other Rudyard Kipling letters to Mrs. Allhusen, Alfred Baldwin, Maurice Baring, Vaughan Bateson, Moberly Bell, Charles Minor Blackford, "Buster", Hubert Cardale, Chipman Morgan & Co., Messrs. R. & R. Clark, L. Cope Cornford, Mr. Croik, Capt. J. Geddes, R.E. Gordon Walker, Mr. Home-Gall, Edward German, Roland Gwinne, Mr. Hildburgh, Frank Hugo Krebs, Harry F. Lewin, Colonel Marker, Nord Northcliffe, Captain Spencer Ovington, Henry Pegram, W.L. Ralling, Miss Ralling, Lady Roberts, F. Schofield, "Dear Sir", and A.P. Watt. Also includes transcript of letter from George Sutcliffe to E.B. Merriman. Includes holograph draft of manuscript of "King Log and King Stork" published as the first Fable for the Staff in the Blomfontein "Friend" March 24, 1900. Box 5 also includes photographs of Rudyard, Elsie and John Kipling, ca. 1910?; Card mount photograph by Elliot & Fry of Rudyard Kipling and his mother, ca. 1880?, Mr.and Mrs. Kipling at the Eastbourne Flower show; Portrait of Kipling by Elliott & Fry, ca. 1930. Also includes group of seven photographs of South Africa, ca. 1905? and photographic reproduction of group portrait of Kipling and his father first taken ca. 1880? Includes picture postcards of Kipling's residences in Lahore, Arundell House in Tisbury, Bateman's and Rottingdean. Box 6 includes H. Dunscombe Colt correspondence from recipients including C.E. Carrington, Reginald Harbord, David Lakari, Roger and Melita and William P. Tolley. Includes photocopies of correspondence from Kipling to L. Cope Cornford and E.M. Maitland and to Mr. Brooks from March 21, 1901. Box 6 miscellaneous material includes items related to Royal Society of Literature and Canadian Authors Association; Kipling Society including luncheon and other programs from 1929-1934 and from 1966; Kipling Society greeting cards to H.D. Colt from Kipling Society representatives including J.H.C. Brooking, John Sanderson and R.E. Harbord; Croom-Johnson Collection; extracts from Book Prices current 1893-1922 comprising items by Rudyard Kipling compiled by Norman Croom-Johnson; handwritten lists by H.D. Colt; materials related to Alec McCowen performing as Rudyard Kipling in 1983-1984; book dealer and auction catalog clippings; book dealer invoices and materials related to the 1965 Kipling centenary celebrations at Syracuse University and in general; exhibition labels from the 1985 Library of Congress Colt Kipling collection exhibition; miscellanous folders, advertisements and ephemera. Title devised by Library staff. Box 1 includes the following titles by Rudyard Kipling extracted from periodical sources: The absent minded beggar, The answer, Bonfires on the ice, The bridge builders, The brushwood boy, The city of brass, The courting of Dinah Shadd, The dead king, The devil and the deep sea, The female of the species, The finest story in the world, For one night only, From a winter note-book, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, The gift of the sea, Great-heart, Half-a-dozen pictures, In the matter of one compass, The incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney, Kim (chapter 1), The knife and the naked chalk, The legs of Sister Ursula, The light that failed, The magic of literature, The man who was, Mrs. Hauksbee sits out, A muse among the motors, My first book, A nativity, Primum tempus, Railway reform in Great Britain, A record of Badalia Herodsfoot, The scholars, The ship that found herself, Slaves of the lamp (parts 1-2), Song of the English, Souvenirs of France, Surgical and medical, A walking delegate, White horses, With number three. Box 2 includes the following titles by Rudyard Kipling extracted from periodical sources: The art of fiction, Back to the army again, Barrack room ballads including Danny Deever, Tommy, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Oonts!, Loot, Soldier, soldier, The sons of the widow, Troopin', Gunga Din, Mandalay, The young British soldier, Screw-guns, Belts, Ford o' Kabul River and Snarleyow. The blind bug, Bobs, Bridge-guard in the Karroo, Cruisers, The dead king, A doctor of medicine, The dog Harvey, The edge of the East, The elephant's child, Follow me 'ome, For to admire, Gloriana, The grave of the hundred head, Great-heart, Greek national anthem, Her majesty's servants, Hymn before action, Hymn of breaking strain, In the presence, The Irish Guards, The islanders, Just-so stories, Justice, Kaa's hunting (parts 1-2), The king and the sea, The king's pilgrimage, Kitchener's school, The last chanty, The last rhyme of true Thomas, The lesson, Little foxes: a tale of the Gihon hunt, London stone, Lord Roberts, The lost legion, McAndrews hymn, The mother hive, Non nobis Domine, The old issue, The old volunteer, A patrol song, Puck of Pook's Hill (nos. I-IX), Rahere, Recessional, The rowers, The Scot and the war, A sin against the light, Simple Simon, The son of his father (part 2), The sons of Martha, [Speech at La Basaee at unveiling of the Indian War Memorial at Neuve Chapelle, 7 October 1927], [Speech at dinner of the Liverpool Shipbrokers' Benevolent Society. 26 October 1928], [Speech at Milner Court, Sturry], Stalky & Co. 1: Stalky, Tales of 'The trade', Their lawful ocassions (parts I-II), The tomb of his ancestors, Toomai of the elephants, A tour of inspection, The undertakers, Victoria's shrine of remembrance, White horses, The white man's burden, Wireless, The wrong thing, The young queen.
Box 1. (115 items) Kipling speeches. Kipling stories and verse, extracts from periodicals, titles A-M -- Box 2. (122 items) Kipling stories and verse, extracts from periodicals, titles N-Z -- Box 3. (292 items) Extracts from periodicals, articles about Kipling -- Box 4. (185 items) Newspaper clippings, Kipling's illness, last days, obituary notices -- Box. 5. (232 items) Facsimiles and photocopies of Kipling correspondence and manuscripts. Blomfontein "Friend" materials. Illustrations, caricatures, postcards, photographs and realia -- Box 6. (323 items) Kipling Society miscellany, Norman Croom-Johnson materials, H.D. Colt original lists and miscellany -- Box 7. (23 items) Collector's miscellaneous original folders and TLS from A. Birdsall to A. Strachey, November 12, 1946 regarding binding options for a Kipling manuscript -- Oversize materials: Box 8. (34 items) Caricatures and portraits of Kipling -- Box. 9. (31 items) Kipling articles and reviews -- Box. 10. (9 items) South Africa materials including issues of "The Friend" -- Box. 11. (53 items) Newspaper issues, obituaries, Kipling centenary and miscellany.
Рубрики: Short stories, English.
   Book collectors--United States

Abstract: Miscellanous materials collected by H.D. Colt. Includes articles extracted from magazines and newspapers with works by Rudyard Kipling and about him. Also includes photocopies or facsimiles of correspondence from Kipling to recipients found in other collections. Includes portraits, cartoons and caricatures of Kipling, photographs, picture post cards, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, individual issues of newspapers. Also includes H.D. Colt's lists of Kipling materials, notes and materials related to the sale or auction of Kipling materials. Also includes Kipling Society related material. Realia includes cloth badges from St. George's Day and pocket badge for a uniform from Imperial Service College at Westward Ho! Includes folder of material related to the archeological career of H. Dunscombe Colt and other materials completely unrelated to Rudyard Kipling.

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Kipling, Rudyard, (1865-1936.); Colt, Harris Dunscombe, (1901-1973,) \collector.\; Croom-Johnson, Norman, \collector.\; Kipling, Rudyard,; Colt, Harris Dunscombe,; Brooking, J. H. C.; Carrington, Charles,; Harbord, R. E.; Lakari, David; Sanderson, John; Tolley, William Pearson,; McCowen, Alec; Kipling Society.; Birdsall & Son Bookbinders & Stationers.; Colt Kipling Collection (Library of Congress)
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