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    Sobhana, Sobhana, (Mahaa caanan° Cha raa to° ®A rhacn°, ; 1904-1982.).
    Hacnsaata mrui§ sa pre pacn° kyocn°· tuik° Mahaa dvaara nikaaya gaona rakkhita Bhaddanta Sobhana ®agga mahaa paonodita cai racn° re· saa· ®ap° so dvaarappaonaama dai pa nai / [Text] / Sobhana, Sobhana. - Ran° kun° : : Gandhamaa caa puom nhip° tuik°,, 1322 [1960]. - 11, 66 p. ; + 20 cm. - (no price).
Burmese or Pali (Burmese script). Treatise on the spiritual efficacy of salutation to the Buddha, his law, and his order as symbolized in temples; from the orthodox Theravada viewpoint.

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    Lha Tacn°, Tacn°, (Lay° tai aU·.).
    Bau· Bhu raa· samuicn°· [[microform] /] / Tacn°, Lha Tacn°. - Ran° kun° : : Icchaasaya Piotakat° Puom nhip° tuik°,, 1322 [1960]. - 15 p., [1] leaf of plates : : ill. ; + 19 cm. - (no price).
In Burmese. History and description of the Bau· Bhu raa·, Buddhist shrine in Thaton, Burma.

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    Vicittaanaanika, Vicittaanaanika, (®Acngapau Cha raa to°, ; 1852-1921.).
    ®Acngapau Cha raa to° Bhu raa· krai· e* khya nak° gaonothi phrac° so Kaccaayanasaara vallarai kyam°· [[microform] /] / Vicittaanaanika, Vicittaanaanika. - [Rangoon] : : Paananaa Rocn° Khraanan°,, 1322 [1960]. - 4, 250 p. ; + 22 cm. - (no price).
Burmese and Pali (Pali in Burmese script). Cover title: ®Acngapau naanan°· Kaccaayanasaara vallarai kyam°·. Master microform held by: DLC.
Abstract: Paraphrase of Kaccaayanasaara, gist of Vyaakakaraaona, classical Pali grammar, by Kaccayaana.

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    Kyo°, Kyo°, (Kavidhaja aU·.).
    Saihananda mrui§ kho° Paada mrui§, Kyok° tan°· mrui§, Saom lyacn° mrui§ rhi bhu raa· myaa· e* samuicn°· nhacn°§ Kyuik° Mho° Van°· Cetai to° samuicn°· [[microform] /] / Kyo°, Kyo°. - Kyok° tan°· : : aU· Cin°,, 1322 [1960]. - 4, 71 p., [4] leaves of plates : : ill. ; + 19 cm. - (no price).
In Burmese. Cover title: Kyuik° Mho° Van°· Cetai to° samuicn°·. History of Kyuik° Mho° Van°· Cetai, Buddhist shrine in Kyauktan, and other Buddhist shrines in Burma.

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