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    Cell behaviour : [Text] : a tribute to Michael Abercrombie / / (Michael), Abercrombie, M. [et al.]. - Cambridge ; ; New York : : Cambridge University Press,, 1982. - viii, 615 p. : : il + 24 cm. - Includes bibliographies and index. - ISBN 0521241073: (no price).
Michael Abercrombie, a memoir / D.R. Newth -- Publications by Michael Abercrombie / G.A. Dunn -- The crawling movement of metazoan cells / M. Abercrombie -- Early cell contacts in culture / Joan E.M. Heaysman and Susan M. Pegrum -- Adhesions to substratum and locomotory behaviour of fibroblastic and epithelial cells in culture / Julian P. Heath -- Traction, and its relations to contraction in tissue cell locomotion / Albert K. Harris -- Pseudopodial attachment reactions / J.M. Vasiliev -- Cell contacts and the locomotion of epithelial cells / C.A. Middleton -- Polymorphonuclear leucocyte response to chemotactic gradients / Sally H. Zigmond -- Role of the extracellular matrix in the expression of tissue affinities / Peter B. Armstrong -- Axon elongation / Norman K. Wessells -- Contact guidance of cultured tissue cells / G.A. Dunn -- Orientational behaviour of extending neurites / Ted Ebendal. -- Filopodial contraction and growth cone guidance / D. Bray -- Aspects of the behaviour of neutrophil leucocytes / J.M. Lackie -- Locomotory interactions between epithelial cells and fibroblasts in vitro / J.G. Edwards and E.K. Parkinson -- Cartilage morphogenesis in the limb / L. Wolpert -- The genetic basis of cell behaviour in lymphocytes and other cells / A.S.G. Curtis -- Gastrulation processes in the chick embryo / Ruth Bellairs --Motile and social behaviour of neural crest cells / James A. Weston -- Some thoughts on directional cell movement during morphogenesis / J.P. Trinkaus -- Locomotory invasion by tumour cells in explant confrontations / E.M. Stephenson -- Mechanisms of invasiveness / Cheryll Tickle -- Cellular interactions in the development and maintenance of skeletal muscle / T.A. Partridge -- Liquid behaviour of embyronic tissues / Malcolm S. Steinberg and Thomas J. Poole.
Рубрики: Cytology.
   Cytologists--United States

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Abercrombie, M., (Michael), (1912-1979.); Bellairs, Ruth.; Curtis, A. S. G.; Dunn, Graham, (1944-); Abercrombie, M.
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