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    American masters. [Text] / Woodward, Joanne,, Grant, Lee,, Keitel, Harvey. ; direction. Powers, Dennis, ; production. Aaron, Chloe, ; writing. Aaron, David, ; host. Newman, Paul,. - United States : : 1991-07-08 ; ; United States : : 1991-07-08 ;, S. a. - 1 videocassette of 1 (ca. 55 min.) : + 3/4 in. viewing copy.1/2 in. viewing copy.1 in. master. - (no price).
Copyright: Actors Studio, Japan Satellite Broadcasting, Inc., and Chloe Aaron Associates, Inc. DCR 1991; PUB 21May91; REG 4Sep91; PA582-966. Unable to determine whether broadcast in Japan. Viewing copy (VBH 6858) was taped from repeat U.S. broadcast of program on WETA-TV on 08-26-91. Number 602. Sources used: copyright data sheet; cassette label; WETA magazine, 08-91; Variety, 07-08-91.
Рубрики: Method acting.
Abstract: The history of the Actors Studio is told by members. Using the philosophy of method acting, the Actors Studio is a place for actors to practice their craft in the company of other actors. A demonstration of their technique is presented in the short play Swan song, performed by Studio members Eli Wallach and Harry Davis.

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Woodward, Joanne, (1930-); Grant, Lee, (1929-); Keitel, Harvey.; Powers, Dennis, \direction.\; Aaron, Chloe, \production.\; Aaron, David, (1938-) \writing.\; Newman, Paul, (1925-2008,) \host.\; LC Off-Air Taping Collection (Library of Congress); Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
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